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CBSviewer, an accessible, open standards based webmap viewer

The past months I’ve been busy developing a webmapping application together with Statistics Netherlands to replace their current offerings of webmapping such as CBS in uw Buurt which have various accessibility issues and has Google looking in over your shoulder. The new application can be used with both the keyboard and a mouse and  and will fallback to a non CSS and/or non Javascript version if needed (or requested) by the user providing a much better experience.

Key features of the application are:

  • open standards based interfaces (WMS, WMTS, OpenLS LUS and WCAG)
  • easy modification using maven war overlay techniques (as example you can look into the NOKviewer project)
  • easy to localize using property files / resource bundles for all the text
  • easy to configure thematic maps using a set of xml files
  • easy styling adjustments using Sass and modular CSS

The project builds on well documented, well supported and proven open source libraries such as GeoTools, OpenLayers, jQuery and jQuery UI.

We’re not quite there yet but you can follow the progress of the project through the Github site: [Dutch]

(re-)Building the ArcGIS Geoportal Extension

The ArcGIS Geoportal Extension (GPE) comes as a bunch of web applications, packaged as .war files, executables and scripts. Depending on your requirements you will want to install and/or use a subset of these. Also you will want to customize the look and feel of the portal website. Continue reading ‘(re-)Building the ArcGIS Geoportal Extension’

Creating a Java ArcGIS Server Object Extension to access metadata through a mapservice

So with this cool Server Extension technology being possible with ArcGIS server java ed. 9.3.1 and me finally having time to have a play with it I decided on doing something useful; getting at the metadata of the data within a mapservice. Continue reading ‘Creating a Java ArcGIS Server Object Extension to access metadata through a mapservice’

Testing your map service with JMeter

Apache JMeter is a powerful tool for load testing functional behaviour and performance of applications over the network. It is however not the most accessible or easy to use tool, mostly because of the overwhelming amount of options. Once started though there is no stopping! Continue reading ‘Testing your map service with JMeter’

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